Ohana Advisors offers the comprehensive services of a true multi-family office. Wealth management means more than just investing. We provide equal attention to creating and updating estate planning as family needs evolve. We are also involved in planning for property, liability and life insurance. All of our strategies and recommendations are individually created for each family. 

Investment Strategy

Every family has its own financial goals—differing growth objectives, preferences and risk tolerances. We start and come back to financial planning—where do you want to go? We then structure our allocations to get there as conservatively as possible. Our investment philosophy is first to understand what is happening in global economic and financial markets, and then to allocate to persistent opportunities. We believe markets are inefficient and that manager skill is a significant factor in generating returns. Our risk management focuses on maintaining true diversification and on deep and on-going due diligence. Our investment motto is “know what you own”.

Philanthropic Endeavors

Our families recognize that the wealth they have achieved is a result of their skill, hard work, perseverance and their network of relationships.  They know that their great fortune provides an opportunity, in ways big and small, to shape the world and improve the lives of others. Ohana considers philanthropic planning a key part of our financial planning. We work with our families to structure meaningful strategies for tax-efficient gifting and where parents and their children can participate in the satisfaction of making an impact.

Estate Planning

Strong and successful families must work hard to ensure that wealth creates opportunities for creativity and fulfillment for their children and future generations. Ohana believes that estate planning is about far more than saving taxes. We believe that creation of trusts and family governance are part of an on-going process that incorporates passing along values and open discussion around concerns and intentions. We work closely with estate attorneys and family consultants to provide ideas and structures for families.

Tax Planning

Income tax compliance and planning is complex with a globally diversified portfolio. Estate planning adds to complexity through the use of trusts and family limited partnerships. Ohana fully manages the compliance activities, supporting our outside tax preparers with estimated payments, projections, workpapers and as needed correspondence or audit-related support. From the planning perspective, we analyze structure and monitor our investment strategies to focus on after-tax returns.