Dennis Covington
Founder and CEO

What you do: Essentially, I serve others. I support the families we are privileged to serve and I provide structure and mentoring to my teammates. Every day I ask the questions "Where are we going?" and "What are we missing?". I try to put the pieces together in new and helpful ways.

What you love most about being a part of Ohana: The continual learning and problem solving. We get to work with smart and passionate clients and with a wide variety of the world's best investment professionals in rapidly changing markets. Meeting that intellectual challenge is deeply satisfying and keeps us on our toes.

What you support: I support a number of groups including CASA, which helps abused and neglected kids in the foster system and Big Cat Rescue, which provides a lifelong habitat for animals rescued from circuses and private zoos. I help those in my community ohana, starting with my family.


I have an MBA from UC Berkeley, but as with many others, my best trainers were a collection of high school teachers that taught me how to learn.  My BA was in History and that started my lifelong fascination with human behavior. These have served me well.

Profile: If I weren’t at Ohana I would be some type of story teller, I guess a writer or a poet.  I love to use metaphors to get to the heart of a matter. My passions include cooking, especially Indian and New Mexican cuisines--I love to feed people.

Words to live by: "Always remember that you are absolutely unique.  Just like everyone else."- Margaret Mead.